Everything You Need To Know To Get Healthy & Beautiful Hair

We all Healthy strive to achieve healthy looking hair. We use products and procedures to ensure that our hair stays in top shape. But have we ever asked ourselves what it means to have healthy hair? How can we turn unhealthy hair back into the luscious, healthy hair healthy we crave?

We’ll be going over how to know if you have healthy hair and everything you can do to improve hair health. There are many steps you can take to achieve healthy locks. We'll be looking at common signs of unhealthy hair and tips on how to improve its condition; ways to identify it and how you can improve it. Having the right knowledge is essential to getting beautiful, healthy tresses that will last!

So keep reading to find out more about achieving strong, beautiful hair now and make your hair look its best!

How do you know you have healthy hair?

The five tell-tale signs of healthy hair are:

  1. Minimal hair shedding 

You might be surprised that it’s perfectly okay to shed a normal hair amount every day. If you shed between 50 to 100 hairs a day, that’s okay! 

Hair fall can vary depending on factors like diet and stress. If you're shedding anything drastically more than this amount, it can indicate hair fall issues. 

  1. Shiny and smooth hair 

Healthy hair requires minimal detangling, and they have a natural shine to them. Healthy hair isn’t supposed to tangle easily. If you’re dealing with badly tangled hair, you might not be giving your hair enough moisture. Your hair appears shiny because your cuticles lie flat and let light bounce through them. 

  1. Good elasticity 

If your hair goes to its original shape after styling them, you have good hair elasticity. Gently tug at a hair strand and observe if it bounces to its original state shortly. Good elasticity is a measure of hair strength.  

  1. Your hair handles moisture well 

If your hair frizzes up when you experience humidity, it might be too damaged to fight against moisture. Frizzy hair is an indication of damaged hair cuticles that are too weak to hold their original shape. 

  1. No dandruff or split ends 

Everybody knows that healthy hair should be free of dandruff with no split ends. The most common reasons for dandruff are dry skin, infrequent shampooing, using incompatible hair care products, and general skin conditions. Split ends are commonly caused by extreme weather conditions, regular styling with heated products, and chemical hair treatments. 

What are the best ways to get healthy hair?

Here are the top hair care tips to help you get healthy hair:

  1. Apply your shampoo and conditioner the right way, at the right intervals 

The frequency of washing your hair depends on your hair type and its needs. Ideally, you should wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Your shampoo is meant to nourish your scalp, so you should focus on applying it to your scalp. Your conditioner is meant to nourish your hair strands, so apply conditioner at your hair tips. Do not apply conditioner on your scalp. You should condition your hair every time you wash them to get the best results. 

  1. Use argan hair products

Argan oil is super nourishing for your hair. It’s a moisturizing oil that can protect your hair from damage and breakage, add a natural shine, and improve elasticity for increased strength. The only problem is that it's difficult to make time for oiling hair in your busy schedule. But worry not! Our Argan Jelly Daily Conditioning Shampoo is packed with argan to give your hair greater volume, look, and feel. 

  1. Find the optimal water temperature for hair washing 

Having a hot shower can feel incredible but it may not be ideal for your hair. Hot water can lead to excessive hair loss, reduce natural oils, and steal moisture. Try to wash your hair with cold water but if that's not possible, make it lukewarm. 

  1. Know your hair and scalp

You must know what type of hair and scalp you have, the ideal way to care for them, and your hair problems. Once you know your hair and scalp, you’ll be able to pick the right shampoo and conditioner combo, which is essential for healthy hair. It is also important to consider the key ingredients when buying shampoo because they make all the difference. 

  1. Focus on your diet 

When you're not eating a healthy diet, your hair will show it. Try to pack your diet with protein, Iron, Omega-3, and vitamins A, B, C, and D. Try to limit processed food intake. 

Wrapping Up

We hope this blog has helped you understand healthy hair and given you some tips on how to achieve it. You can completely change your haircare routine with our vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic hair care range. Check it out here