Lash Filler VS Lash Extensions

Lash Filler, Lash Lift, Lash Extensions? We give the lowdown and tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know, including which is the cheapest

How many of us get frustrated by mascara that will not stay put? That is where lash treatments come to their own. There is not a woman who will not feel instantly “done up” when they have the treatments. And no more smudges. These promise the look of mascara without smudging, smearing or flaking so saving you time in your busy life. There is one beauty look we will always be obsessed with, and it is long luscious lashes. They tend to make our eyes look so much bigger and sexier. They also look a lot more natural and are a lot more permanent solution than a set of falsies.

Lash extensions, lash lifts and lash fillers all instantly make your lashes look so much longer and fuller, however, lash fillers and lash lifts are way cheaper and require a lot less maintenance than lash extensions. Lash extensions, however, are needed if you do not have enough length or volume, or you have over plucked your hairs.

We currently supply lash filler treatments over lash lifts because we have products that have an extra advantage of giving you clinically proven thicker hair after just 3 treatments. We will, therefore, compare just lash filler and lash extensions.

Here’s how the two compare:

The Cost

While both treatments aren’t quite as cost-effective as your favourite mascara, lash filler is definitely the less expensive option. A lash filler treatment will typically cost between £40 and £100, and the effect usually lasts for around eight to twelve weeks, at which point new lashes will begin to replace the treated set. Extensions, however, will set you back anywhere between £100 and £250 and they only last between two and four weeks (depending on how you care for them). Lash fillers are also low maintenance, and unlike lash extensions, you won’t need to pay to have them topped up after a few weeks (£65) or removed (£20).

The Appointment

You will have to undergo patch tests for both treatments. Lash filler treatment takes averagely an hour and thirty minutes. Lash extensions take around two and a half hours.

Neither of the treatments hurt, but they can be slightly uncomfortable, and you have to keep your eyes shut the entire time.

Similar to lash extensions, you can customize your lash lift curl in order to suit your eye shape or just your lash preference. You can usually choose between different shield size options, and your therapist will help you choose the best fit depending on your hair length and eye-shape. You can also choose to fan your lashes outwards or lift them straight up as high as possible. You can, however, add length with the lash extension.

You lie back into the chair and got comfortable as the therapist begins, by giving your lashes a good wash, dry and then with lash filler, brushes your lashes up onto a silicone curling pad (there are different sizes for every lash length and curl preference). Then, she applied an eye-safe perming solution to the base of my lashes (not the skin). This helps break down the bond of your hair so it can mold to the curl with newer bonds. Then, she followed with a setting solution to help restructure the hair into place. The last step was the tint, usually a dark brown or black tint (not dye), that slathered in from root to tip. There are different coloured tints for every hair colour but most people like to have their lashes a darker colour. You can however ask for a similar colour to your hair if that is what you wish for.

You do have to keep your eyes closed the entire time, which can be uncomfortable for some—especially if you have sensitive eyes, but most clients end up falling asleep because it’s so relaxing.

Classic lash extensions are however applied on a one to one hair basis.

While a lash filler and tint do not have as much upkeep as extensions, you should try avoid wetting them for the first 24 hours following your appointment so that the bond has time to set. You should also not sleep on them directly. Most people think you cannot let water touch them but this is a mistake. You will get your eyes infected if you did that. You do have to wash with a good shampoo made for that purpose. You can get your eye shampoo here.

The lift filler lasts about four to six weeks and is very much much dependent on your skin type and your hair growth cycles. If you have oily skin or use a lot of oils on your face, this can break down keratin treatments faster.

Lash Filler is a treatment, that will not only lift your lashes and add them a curl, but will also improve the condition and health of your natural lashes. What is more, it is the first treatment in the world, that by its clinical test has proven that increases the thickness of natural lashes by 24%! Yes, that’s correct – your lashes not only will be lifted and appear longer, but they will also be visibly thicker! All thanks to specially developed products that have the ability to go into the hair structure and work from the inside. No mascara needed! Also, it is not only an effective treatment but is also very gentle on the lashes, making it absolutely perfect for anyone:

  • taking break from eyelash extension
  • allergic to lash adhesive
  • with ‘weak’ or sparse lashes
  • who has damaged lashes
  • with short or long lashes

How safe are both treatments? Anytime you’re using chemicals near your eyes, there is a risk of an allergic reaction. You could also be at risk for dermatitis, a skin condition that causes redness, swelling, and even blisters, especially if the lifting solution gets in your eye or on the surrounding skin.

To make sure you're in good hands, we specialize in treatments around the eyes (like lash extensions, tinting, or brow shaping). And if you're prone to allergic reactions from beauty products or have a sensitivity to certain ingredients, it's always a good idea to ask for a patch test. Many people get it done simply do it for the extra lift so they don’t have to use a lash curler. They also don’t need as many swipes of mascara when they have a lift and tint done

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If you want longer lashes and your natural lash condition is in a good shape or too short for lash filler, you can go for a lash extension treatment.