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6 Steps To Healthy And Beautiful Hands

Taking care of our hands is just as important as our faces. Most of the work we need to do gets done by them, and they also deal with some really dangerous stuff. So, we have compiled six beauty recommendations to help you get healthy, nice-looking hands. Read on to discover how to give your hands the ultimate at-home pamper treatment.



  1. Wash your Hands Frequently

Use a moisturizing hand wash or a mild soap to keep your hands from drying.

Avoid using hot water and go for cold or lukewarm instead. Although it may feel better at first, using hot water speeds up the drying process of the skin. Similarly, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures over extended periods. Try shaking off excess water and patting your hands dry with a soft towel instead of using a hand dryer.

  1. Gently Exfoliate your Hands

You should exfoliate your hands once a week with a thorough scrub to remove any dead skin. You do not have time to go out and get one right now. You can easily whip one up on your own. Mix the juice of half a lime with a teaspoon of fine sugar and olive oil. This scrub works just as well if you omit the olive oil. Clean your hands with soap and lukewarm water if you have handled the oil. Simply wash your hands in warm water and dry them off if you have used them without the olive oil. You are all set to use your homemade scrub for exfoliation.

  1. Massage and Apply Sunscreen to your Hands

Spend at least five minutes massaging moisturizing cream into your hands before bed. Blending your nighttime moisturizer with a small amount of hand gel, such as petroleum jelly, can stop your rough hands from drying.

Sunscreen is an essential component of a hand care routine that is often overlooked. Using sunscreen after the massage is essential in preventing skin cancer and early aging caused by sun exposure. Applying sunscreen after moisturizing your hands is a bad idea. You should reapply sunscreen every 90 minutes if you are out in the sun all day and every time you wash your hands.

  1. Pick the best Hand Cream

Despite the widespread adoption of fist and elbow bumps in place of handshakes, it is still customary to greet one another with soft, smooth hands. Do not just buy the cheapest hand cream; consider the ingredients and the feel. Check out Lily Micheal’s organic hand creams.

Keep your hands soft and supple with natural ingredients like coconut, Organic Acai, Organic Rose, or Organic Lavender to look dewy and plump.

  1. Protect your Hands

Though they are inconvenient, gloves are necessary when doing tasks that include dirt and water, such as housework, washing the dog or car, cooking, gardening, or cleaning the garage or attic. The trick is to find a pair of work gloves that are both suitable and not too bulky for the job.

Other ways to protect your hands may include:

  • Get rid of your cuticle cutters. The cuticle is similar to the nail bed. As a result of being cut, the new growth may be more brittle or even sharp. Instead, apply hand lotion to keep them in check or cuticle oil, and push them back occasionally.
  •  It is not always enough to just use moisturizer. A humidifier is useful in the winter or if you live in a dry area. Since humidifiers produce water vapor or steam, they are often recommended for hydrating dry skin.
  • When necessary, apply hand balm. Hand balms are a post-moisturizing treatment for parts of the skin that are particularly dry or injured.

  1. Eat the Right Food

The food you eat matters greatly. You may develop healthy, strong nails and maintain supple, soft hands by including protein, vitamin B, and vitamin E supplements in your diet.

Stick to your Hand Care Routine

To achieve soft and healthy hands, you must do a regular hand care routine. To maintain healthy, soft, and supple hands, try moisturizing them regularly with organic hand creams from Lily Micheal, getting manicures at least once a month, washing your hands with lukewarm water, avoiding contact with potentially harmful products and chemicals, always wearing gloves when gardening, and trimming and filing the nails at least once every two weeks. Nails and hands also benefit from a healthy diet of protein and essential vitamins.