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The Incredible Benefits of Using a Face Mask

Whether you have a twelve-step nightly skincare routine or simply take a ‘one soap suits all’ skincare approach, there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss out on in your regimen: the face mask! 

After being exposed to pollution, harsh weather, late nights and workplace stress all week, your skin needs some pampering. Applying a face mask weekly is an easy and effective way to give your skin the deep cleansing and hydrating it needs. Simply put, it can help revitalise your skin. To convince you more, here are the many incredible benefits of using a face mask. 

Deep cleansing

It’s good that you wash your face every day. But sometimes, dirt and impurities are trapped deep inside your skin pores, making it hard for your daily cleanser to get rid of all of them. Face masks offer a deeper cleanse, as they can penetrate deep inside the pores to get rid of dead skin and detoxify your skin thoroughly. It will leave your skin looking absolutely radiant. 

Increased hydration

Dryness is one of the common causes of acne and many other skin issues. While you’re probably applying moisturiser daily, it doesn’t hurt to boost your skin hydration. And if you often miss using your moisturiser or don’t moisturise at all, a weekly face mask session can help deliver the much-needed power shot of moisture to your skin. 

Consider using our Rejuvenation Boost Cream Masque. It penetrates deep into your skin epidermis to hydrate, clear, soften, brighten and nourish it. Plus, it’s a purifying sleep mask. Apply it at night, and you will wake up to a more radiant complexion the next morning. 

Reduced skin imperfections

If you have dark spots and fine lines caused by sun damage, acne or ageing, weekly masking can help reduce those imperfections and eventually make your skin look flawless. As it removes the dirt & bacteria from deep inside your skin, a face mask ensures your skin looks like it’s glowing from within. Take our Glacier Skin Perfection Glow Mask, for instance. 

Our Glacier Glow Mask is made from bamboo charcoal, which can deeply clean your pores. It’s non-toxic and incredibly gentle, making it suitable for all skin types. And it contains a dose of papaya to help reduce dark spots & other imperfections and brighten your skin. 

Firmer skin 

There’s no denying it—loose skin can make you look older than your real age. So if you want plumper and younger-looking skin, add face masks to your skincare arsenal. Apart from having deep cleansing & hydrating capabilities, many face masks contain ingredients that boost collagen production and fight off free radicals. Try to use such face masks weekly and consistently for several months. The result? Firmer, tighter and fresher-looking skin. 

Try our Monoi De Tahiti Firming Lift Cream Masque. Besides its ultra-hydrating ingredients, the Monoi De Tahiti is rich in vitamins & antioxidants to nourish and renew your skin. Continued use will enhance skin elasticity, resulting in a fresh, smooth and toned look. 


In addition to the great skin benefits mentioned above, face masks offer another advantage. It’s the chance to pamper yourself and establish a self-care routine. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as getting into your favourite pyjamas, turning on your go-to Netflix series and putting your feet up while your nourishing face masks deeply yet gently cleanse your skin. That’s something you can look forward to after working hard all week long.  

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