In a nutshell, cruelty-free beauty means that products are not tested on animals. Vegan beauty means products are entirely free of animal-derived product and any testing on animals. This means that all vegan products are cruelty-free by default but not all cruelty-free products are vegan. Most animal testing occurs on the ingredient level.

Back in the day, vegans made up such a teeny-tiny percentage of the population. Vegans were perceived as health-conscious people by some, and by others as very, very picky eaters; vegans are trending. Thanks to the plant-based trend and the skyrocketing number of consumers identifying as vegan, there’s been real growth in the number and diversity of beauty brands identifying as vegan and cruelty-free. We use a lot of the same ingredients as the food industry. If they are good to digest, then the topical skin use is great applied to the skin. These ingredients contain no animal-based elements.

Lily Michael starts every product we formulate with our end goals of vegan, cruelty free and eco conscious and, ensures we everything to stay true to these principles - ie using vegan materials with no animal derived ingredients, we ensure that it has not been tested on animals. Lily Michael products are mostly vegan and made exclusively with plant-based materials. Blends are made with essential oils and extracts reinforced with elements to create a powerful cocktail of active ingredients that penetrates deep into the skin, helping to detoxify it and rapidly regenerate.

Vegan skincare products contain no animal ingredients. In other words, they are made from plants and minerals, as well as safe synthetic ingredients. A product certified "Clean Beauty" isn't necessarily vegan, or vice versa. Consumers are increasingly aware of what their favourite products contain and how they are manufactured. Fortunately Lily Michael is committed to transparent labelling – which is a sure way to ensure this consumers are educated. We help keep you educated with logo on the packaging, or to ensure there are no animal products listed amongst the ingredients. Most Lily Michael products are vegan, except for products like Honey Bath Bomb that contains honey. the which -- like the other ingredients -- was carefully selected for its effectiveness on skin. We inform you with information on website or packaging.


Common animal-derived ingredients found in beauty products include honey, beeswax, lanolin (wool grease), squalene (shark liver oil), carmine (crushed-up beetles), gelatin (cow or pig bones, tendons or ligaments), allantoin (cow urine), ambergris (whale vomit) and placenta (sheep organs). While they’re harmless, they’re not better for you, either, Animal ingredients haven’t been proven to be superior in any way, and wholesome vegan alternatives do exist. At Lily Michael, we do not use any of the above, preferring instead to use plant based alternatives.


The term “vegan beauty,” which is synonymous with “plant-based,” can be misleading, too. It conjures up images of greens and, in turn, healthiness, which is not necessarily the case. Take makeup. Just because it’s vegan and cruelty-free doesn’t make it healthy. Its ingredient list can be chock-full of unhealthy chemicals and fillers. This influences and drives Lily Michael. Indeed we have waited until now for natural colouring for our lipstick development. 

We aim to clean up our ingredient list without completely stripping away preservatives, which can help maintain a product’s freshness. Using only ingredients that are natural, you’ll often see separation and bacteria growth, which can lead to contamination and loss of efficacy. With vegan beauty, you can use a pure nature-derived ingredient along with important additives to prevent them from spoiling. It is about getting the combinations right.

At Lily Michael, concern about the ethical and environmental impact of our products is one of the No. 1 consumer question they encounter. We believe consumers, especially millennials and Gen Zs, are looking to make purchases that are in line with their personal values. Customers regularly ask about vegan and cruelty-free products. It’s a more involved process to be vegan and cruelty-free because it’s cheaper and easier to do animal testing. Clinical testing can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Once we made the conscious decision, we’ve been able to produce products that don’t compromise their effectiveness. We’re showing people it can be done.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to come out of the vegan beauty movement is that it’s pushing consumers to assess ingredients. People are starting to question and research what they’re buying, and we believe that’s empowering. We are working toward being not only cleaner, but also vegan and cruelty-free. We believe the future of the beauty industry is vegan and not animal-tested. Not every company has realized this yet. We know that this is, without question, the trend.


At Lily Michael we also believe our developing vegan beauty products and eco-responsibility go hand-in-hand. When you choose our vegan products, you are respecting the environment, living species and finally your own skin. Whether you’re vegan or not, it's important to learn more about where ingredients come from if you want to be more responsible about your beauty products. Examples of some of our vegan products are below:

The Lily Michael True Skin Perfection Super Active Cream is made with myrrh, a natural tree resin that activates collagen to smooth out skin and help reduce wrinkles. It also has frankincense and Neroli.

The Lily Michael True Skin Perfection Regenerate Cream is made from wild yam, an ingredient rich in diosgenin which increases skin regeneration and stimulates cellular function by imitating estrogen production.