Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Lily Michael cosmetics are based on ingredients of natural origin. The vast majority of our products take pride in having 97 – 99.5% of their content as organic and 100% natural. You find roses, lavender and hops extract, thermal spring salt, wine, apricot, daisy and other fruits and herbs typical of our beautiful country.

Quality and the source of the used raw materials are exceptionally important to us. We are convinced that the highest quality products can be made only from the highest quality materials, so that is why we put a lot of energy in selection of the right suppliers. We definitely prefer natural ingredients that have been distilled correctly to keep a large amount of important vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, hydrating and nourishing substances and their demonstrable favourable benefits, and we use ingredients with demonstrable history which have been tried and tested for hundreds of years. We would acknowledge that science is advancing and with it new types of ingredients are becoming available to us. These are tested vigorously to ensure no irritation occurs to skin and adverse skin conditions are improved.

We like to have a lot of fun here at Lily Michael, but there are a few things we take very seriously and our ingredients top that list!

You will not find ANY of these below in a Lily Michael product:

Aluminium salts, propylene glycol, artificial colours, bleaches eg benzoyl peroxide,

Harsh detergents, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, sulphates, mineral oils, parabens, triethanolamine (TEA), animal derivatives, ingredients tested on animals, Triclosan

Lily Michael's planet-friendly UK skincare, personal care, hair care and homecare products are made using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients that have been sourced from plant and mineral origins (but no mineral oils!), with a focus on effectiveness, safety, and being environmentally aware.

Our creations are high in active ingredients, so the products work hard for you to achieve the best results possible.

The Lily Michael way of formulating natural skincare and personal care products is a bit different to other brands out there. We don’t just choose ingredients because they’re natural or organic and are good for you. We take it a few steps beyond that.

Each and every Woohoo Body formula is developed in-house by our co-founder, who has a (healthy) obsession with potent native ingredients and creating unique products that are truly effective yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. 

And by conducting all of our research and development at Lily Michael HQ (rather than using an external contract manufacturer), we have the advantage of being able to revise and customise our new formulas as many times as needed with complete autonomy to ensure that they do what they are intended to do. 

How we choose our ingredients

To start with, each of our ingredients is selected because of its unique properties that allow it to repair and enhance your skin and hair or - in the case of our home products - control air quality.

But that is just the start. We then get stuck into what we like to call “Our Repeat Formulation”. 

Each potential Lily Michael ingredient is then analysed to ensure every ingredient is:

  • Proven to work on REAL skin, not just test tube skin cells
  • Proven to be non-toxic and safe
  • Suitable for sensitive skin (i.e. not known to cause irritation)
  • Natural, naturally derived, or nature identical (read more on this below)
  • Sustainable, ethical, vegan and cruelty free


Next, we get deeper into formulating Lily Michael products. This is where it gets really good.

This is where we combine science and what nature gave us and it is all good and complicated, but what it boils down to is that we look at how ingredients function not just by themselves but in synergy with each other to give you great results. We then work out where the ingredients are doubling up and or giving too much of a vitamin, mineral or two. Each ingredient has a role to play and we ensure each works for its right to be included.

We never choose an ingredient just because it would make our label look impressive. The active ingredients we choose are proven to work on real skin without negative side effects. And we include them at the optimal level to have maximum skin benefits but not go too far as to cause sensitivity or irritation.


Our Ingredients Dictionary

To help you get to know your skincare products inside out we've created an plant encyclopedia where you can browse through the list of ingredients we use and learn why we've chosen them and how they'll help your skin.

Transparent labelling

We use the internationally recognised International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) standard for ingredients. This means there are never any hidden ingredients in Lily Michael products. All ingredients are clearly marked on product labels and are listed in descending order of inclusion. This allows you to make an informed choice about your skincare products.

Unlike many online brands, we believe in complete transparency so any ingredients list you find on our website is 100% complete. No secrets here!

A note about organic skincare

At Lily Michael we do things a little differently. We for example use a lot of active ingredients to ensure we get products that do what they say they do but we do this, without introducing irritation. We choose to use many of the active ingredients that make our products so special and effective. We do all of this and keep our Lily Michael ranges as affordable as possible. You are getting natural and organic at best optimal levels.

Our very first priority when it comes to creating beautiful products for you is your health and safety. We live and breathe and dream this stuff so you don't have to worry about it.

NOTHING is tested on animals. All of our products have been tested on willing human beings and every ingredient is chosen because it is known to be toxin free and is not linked to any known health concerns or hazards.

Each and every Lily Michael ingredient has been meticulously researched and tested.

If you have any questions about the ingredients used in any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help