5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Lips

So, you sat in front of your vanity table and looked at yourself in the mirror all ready to put your lipstick on because you are about to head out the door for an abrupt dinner invitation at your friend’s house. But you noticed your lips are cracked, chapped, and extremely dry that even your stick wouldn’t want to stay in there. 

We have all been there! The feelings of frustration and sometimes, shame, every woman can relate to them. Let’s admit it. Oftentimes, we neglect our lips and focus more on our facial skin when doing our beauty routine. 

While there are factors affecting the health of our lips such as cold weather and medications, there are several ways to keep them beautiful, kissable, and healthy-looking.

Not to mention, we are just in time for Valentine’s Day! Take these top 5 tips with you to ensure that your lips feel and look perfect.

  1. Stay hydrated.

We opted to put this on top of this tips list. Drinking plenty of water and fluids is essential for our overall health and when you are well-hydrated, it is easier to keep your lips moisturized naturally and prevent chapping and dryness. 

To back it up with science, our lips are thin and lack oil glands that’s why it is the first area on our face to dry up when the weather is extremely cold or if we are dehydrated. They are susceptible to chapping and drinking water is the first line of defense against it. Drinking a sufficient amount of water is a simple yet effective way to maintain the health and appearance of your lips.

  1. Use lip balm.

A lip balm is an essential part of any skincare routine but many women neglect this important step in their daily beauty regimen. Using a lip balm can provide numerous benefits which makes it an indispensable product to always have in your purse.

It helps protect the delicate skin of your lips from the damaging effects of external elements. By applying a lip balm with natural ingredients, such as beeswax or shea butter, you can create a barrier that protects your lips from the wind, cold, and sun.

Choose lip balms made of botanical ingredients. There are so many delicious and refreshing flavors to choose from in this catalog such as Chocolate Orange, Golden Honey, Creamy Vanilla, Strawberry Prosecco, Hot Chocolate, Lush Coconut, Mango Delight, Lemon Sorbet, Raspberry Delight, Red Roses, and so much more! Get to enjoy different flavors as you keep your lips healthy and beautiful.

  1. Exfoliate.

Just like the rest of your skin, exfoliating your lips is essential too. Our lips also accumulate dead skin cells and when they do, they will immediately feel rough and look dull. By using a gentle lip scrub, you can exfoliate these unwanted dead skin cells and prevent them from ruining your date night. 

Do it at least once or twice a week. This lip care tip will ensure that your lips are supple, smooth, and baby soft. It also provides extra protection against any infection. 

  1. Massage your lips.

One of the keys to having healthy and radiant lips is to give them a daily massage. This simple act of self-care promotes improved blood circulation which helps enhance the natural rosy hue of the lips. For best results, it is crucial to be gentle in your approach and to only massage the outer corners of your lips using the tips of your fingers after applying a lip balm or moisturizer. 

This will not only add temporary fullness to your lips but will also give them a refreshed appearance. However, you have to avoid overdoing it. Too much of anything is always not okay. To maintain optimal results, limit the lip massaging to a two to three-minute session each day. Do it after your face-washing routine.

  1. Limit your exposure to harsh elements.

Our lips are delicate and thin and harmful external elements can easily aggravate them. Avoid, as much as possible, exposure to UV rays, harsh winds, dry air, and pollution. If these things are unavoidable in your workplace, make sure you are wearing a mask or your lip balm for extra protection.