Company History

Our idea is to exploit the wonderful traditions and historic areas and to ensure the best in arts and crafts are represented in our containers packaging etc.

We found beautiful premises in a former wedding shop in Bromley High street, we embellished this with original art and beautiful decorations from antique shops and opened up our first store. Only a few days later we were delighted to see that tourists found the traditional products representing the UK culture exceptionally attractive. Unfortunately we had to close that store and are opening a new one in Colchester, a historic town. You can also find us at Greenwich Market – another historical town.

Step by step we have managed to associate small craftsmen, former masters of folk craft, tradition holders and small UK companies the products of whom we have been selling. We contribute to maintain the unique craft techniques by selling these products and cooperating on their development, design and protection.

We have never left the idea of the UK origin of our products and quality is still of paramount importance to us. Thanks to the unique design of our marketplaces evoking the good old time atmosphere and thanks to the exceptional level of our customer service we will establish a successful network of Lily Michael stores and marketplaces starting with located in the Colchester centre and Greenwich


The idea to enrich the range of craft products and toys with our own cosmetic products was suprisingly triggered by the magic of the place where we had the central store at that time. These were premises of the former wedding shop and we started out making candles, soaps and bath bombs and became known as the soap shop as this was successful.

It was a challenge for us, lovers of good old times, to brush up the tradition of fresh glycerine soap. We got down to search for historical information, we researched and networked with cosmetic specialists in collaboration and the project of manufacturing fresh glycerine soap was launched. The soap was successful and thanks to the increasing demand for other products, the soap was gradually enriched with other cosmetic products inspired by UK history and UK countryside. The content of original ingredients – rose, lavender, grapes,  dead sea salt, healing herbs and fruits from british gardens, orchards and meadows – has been always characteristic of our cosmetic products. Later on the whole cosmetic concept was integrated with the idea of spa based on the world famous british spa tradition, which was also a reaction to the contemporary fast-moving times lacking of calm, ease and rest.


We choose to emphasise wellness and work on giving people the peace of mind to have improved skin and become more confident in themselves.. We encourage our clients to be the best versions of themselves with clear skin. We provide beauty services and through facials, spa and massage treatments.  Our target is to teach our clients how to relax and how to take care of themselves by means of our cosmetics, accessories and interesting spa recipes. We aim to make our stores attractive to be in and have a calming atmosphere – peaceful places where you can stop, take a breath and slow down. Moreover, our pleasant, smiling and accommodating staff will provide unique level of service in our stores.

Our company has been successfully operating thanks to the enthusiasm of the creators, honest quality and respect for the traditions, which we are proud of.