Sustainability and Ecology

Sustainability and ecology

Going Green.: Lily Michael's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability. This is a very lively topic and the more ecology aware businesses are embracing this. Lily Michael has been considering respect for the environment as natural part of its activities since the very inceoption of the company.

What do our specific steps consist of?


We are a 100% British Company

We are moving our manufacturing base to Colchester where we develop and produce the vast majority of our cosmetics. You can find our products online, in a number of markets such as Greenwich Market and in our retail place in Colchester city centre.

We love local ingredients

Our formulae include beer and wine locally brewed, Canterbury spring salt, herbs and fruit typical of british gardens and meadows. We collaborate with local farmers and use lavender harvested by hand in our cosmetics.

Our accessories are czech too

Our assortment includes also accessories for home spa, which are mostly of british origin: You will find teas and candles from Lily Michael made locally, syrups and marcerated material found localy, soap dishes, dinner ware from Kent, brushes from hertfordshire, gift boxes made from paper mills in Cumbria, and others.


Packages and containers are recyclable

In general, we thoroughly save packaging. We prefer packages from paper, plastic, glass and other easily recyclable materials. We collaborate mostly with EU package suppliers.


Containers from recyclable plastic

We produce containers from top quality plastic – PET, which can be recycled repeatedly. White containers include 25% of recyclate, transparent ones up to 50%. Thanks to that we manage to save up to 10 tons of plastic every year.


Minimization, circulation and recycling

We Optimize Packaging Efficiency and Minimize Waste with our Revolutionary Recycling System. Customers can return their used containers for a discount on new purchases

Sustainability Initiatives

Recycle, Reduce and Re-use – The 3 R’s Lily Michael goes by.

From inception until this point and every point onwards, Lily Michael is committed to doing our bit at every touch point to ensure and commit to sourcing sustainable, vegan ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and responsibly sourced postage materials

Lily Michael takes this responsibility seriously. We commit to formulating and manufacturing in -

Small Batch

All of our skincare, personal care, home care and perfume products are handmade in our artisan labs in small batches – keeping our energy emissions low. We preserve the freshness of our ingredients and quality of the products. We produce less waste overall, while maintaining quality control and ensure that every batch meets our high standards.


We use upcycled ingredients such the raspberry and strawberry seed oil in our true skin perfection refresh and renew products pressed from the seeds of berries that have been discarded by the juicing industry. We use the coffee granules from coffee servings.

We are not just a vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable skincare brand but also ensure our suppliers adopt ethical, environmental and social practices.

We have transparent and honest supply chain systems and are able to track ingredients sources growers that cultivate the raw materials using sustainable farming methods. Our suppliers participate in fair-trade efforts and fairly support the people and in addition make philanthropy contributions to support local communities – from the female shea butter producers in Ghana to the Argan oil producers in Morocco


Our super product packaging is chosen to be easily recycled at curb side. Our products are all housed in glass (green) or aluminium, or recyclable plastic - able to filter out damaging UV rays helping to extend the shelf life of products.

We also offer services to return empties at our Bromley Store.

Tissue Paper 

We use fully recyclable tissue paper from sustainable forests, manufactured with up to 100% recycled pulp fibres.

Postal Boxes 

Our postal boxes are made from rigid corrugated board that is 100% recyclable, on average, our boxes are made from a minimum of 75% recycled, responsible sourced fibres.

Postal Tape

Our postal tape is made from 100% sustainably sourced Kraft paper that is fully recyclable. The tape we use is acid free and 100% vegan.

In order to minimize our contributions to plastic pollution in our oceans, deforestation and carbon emissions, beauty brands must also commit to sourcing sustainable, vegan ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and responsibly sourced postage materials. 

Gentle formulae full of nature

Our formulae are based mostly on natural ingredients – our cosmetics contains up to 97 - 99.5 % of them. Such products are easily biodegradable and thanks to natural ingredients used in adequate amounts they are fully functional. Our products are made with a high percentage of natural ingredients, ranging from 97% to 99.5 % and therefore ensures that they are easily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


World class quality & local origin

We are happy we can provide our customers with products that can succeed in the international competition. Import of foreign products burdens our planet unnecessarily.


We love animals and VEGAN formulae

Discover Cruelty-Free and Vegan Products for Ethical Shoppers.AN. We do not do ny testing on animals and our product are  VEG


We support folk arts

Since our establishment we have been collaborating with makers of traditional folk arts wooden toys. By ensuring the regular sales of their products we help preserve unique craft techniques, which would face extinction otherwise.


We save kilometres, energy and waste

We have opals tp Efficiently Reduce Energy Usage and Optimize Delivery with our Modern Warehouse and Fleet.

Sustainable planning

Experience Our Expertly Crafted Products and Prevent Waste with our Sustainable Selling Approach.


We love upcycling

Experience the Timeless Charm of Restored Furniture and Historical Artifacts


ECO-friedly shopping

We do not use plastic bags: you will carry away your purchase in bags made from recycled paper, which can be used repeatedly. We offer also cotton ECO bags sewn in the UK and package free sale of bath salt.


Sustainability - endless topic

We follow ecological trends and keep on educating ourselves in this field. We use new knowledge in development, production as well as sale and we hand it over to our customers, e.g. within a campaign of “Awareness raising to save our beautiful planet”.


We minimize printed material

Instead of leaflets and catalogues we use our sales staff, web sites and social networks. We electronize, i.e we finished printing invoices, pay rolls and other documents. We are currently offering an option of not printing paper eeceipts


We help improve surroundings

We support some foundations, which implement projects aimed at improvement of the environment and human relationships in the long term. 

At Lily Michael we embraced the fact that this was a problem and took our responsibility seriously to help create a better industry. We hope you join us by making more sustainable choices.

Ready to shop sustainably? Visit Lily Michael where a warm Welcome awaits you. 

We are looking for further environmental challenges and steps ahead of us and would welcome suggestions from our customers