One Of the Best Moisturisers You Will ever need

Some beauty products  – are so good, they practically have celebrity status, with devoted, loyal followings. Lily Michael Eternal Skin Perfection Refresh & Renew Night Cream  is right up there in the hall of fame – and it is sold in the UK and all over the world. Beauty editors, Aestheticians and loyal customers trek to Bromley simply to stock up on it. Now, it has a fan base so loyal. Dull skin, dry skin, stressed or oily skin - your skin is in good hands as it is fed from the inside out.

Invented in 2018, is up to date, forefront and relevant. For years Eternal Skin Perfection Refresh & Renew Night Cream was the best beauty secret – rate ias the best antidote to customers’ stressed out skin, and customers are to being addicted to this little jar.  

So, what makes it so incredible? Essentially, its simplicity and versatility – this is a no-frills, fuss-free, does-what-it-says-on-the-jar, lotion that can be used as everything from a makeup remover, primer, leave-on cleanser, treatment mask, mixing agent – hell, even a hair texturiser – but which truly excels as a moisturiser. It is lightweight and sinks into the skin. What’s more, it’s fast-absorbing, and layers beautifully under makeup without interfering with anything applied on top – no additional primer required. Being a high end formulated product, a little goes a long way.

Our skin does not stay constantly in one state and can coast between being a super shiny oil slick in the summer to a dry, flaky mess in the winter months. This good perennial moisturiser provides your skin with the necessary dose of hydration and nourishment, without making it greasy. Light as silk, never oily, and never sticky, Eternal Skin Perfection Refresh & Renew Night Cream helps give you dewy, fresh skin that retains its moisture without a trace of oiliness. Wake up to refreshed and renewed skin. The lameller like structure means it keeps the skin moisturised well past 24 hours.

Eternal Skin Perfection Refresh & Renew Night Cream interestingly also doubles up as a leave on cleanser and/or makeup remover – I use it with a cotton bud to resolve winged eyeliner and smudged lipstick mishaps. Great for double cleansing. 

Formula-wise, it ticks some important boxes: It is non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog your pores, it is non-sensitizing, cruelty-free, paraben-free, lightly scented, and packed with the good stuff – gentle rose, orange and lavender water, aloe vera, shea, mango and babassu butters, prickly pear, Tsubaki, chia, meadowfoam seed, pumpkin, and vegetable based squalene oils, peptides, proteins, and essential fatty acid oils, essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron and not forgetting hydrating hyaluronic acid. This formulation also includes the gentlest sea extracts and light exfoliation BHA extracts.


Use it on your face, hands, lips, and body – it’ll treat everything from psoriasis and eczema to chapped skin, dry elbows, and cracked heels. And the best thing, it’s now just an ‘add to basket’ click away. Delivered for free in the UK. No need for pilgrimages.