Refresh & Renew: Create the Perfect Dream Night Routine

Looking to upgrade your skincare routine? Refresh & Renew Night cream can help give you that feeling of renewal and refreshed skin after a long day. Experience the unique nighttime benefits of this product, formulated to nourish, soothe and revitalise your skin while you sleep.

Here’s how to create your perfect dream night routine with our products:

Start off your dream night routine by cleansing with our Fresh & Foamy Facial Cleanser. This gentle foaming cleanser helps to deeply cleanse pores and remove makeup residue while soothing skin. Follow up by applying Refresh & Renew Night cream, which will lock in moisture throughout the night. Finish off your night routine with the application of our Glowing Skin Day Serum, designed to brighten and awaken your skin for a beautiful morning!

Refresh & Renew Night Cream is designed to deeply nourish your skin for luminous, healthy-looking skin. This silky night cream helps protect it from environmental damage and stress that can cause signs of ageing in the form of wrinkles and fine lines. The Nighttime Repair Complex includes hyaluronic acid, natural oils and exotic extracts, which work together to deeply hydrate and comfort your skin while you sleep. Plus, vitamins C and E help provide antioxidant properties to further nourish the skin while protecting the complexion from free radical damage. With its rich moisturising ingredients, Refresh & Renew Night Cream will help you wake up with smooth, vibrant looking skin every morning.

Cleanse. Wash away the day with our all-natural cleanser for a deep clean, no matter your skin type

Our Fresh & Foamy Facial Cleanser works to effectively remove dirt and makeup residue while nourishing and soothing the skin. This cleansing cream is developed with all-natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, and Tetrasodium EDTA. Perfect for any skin type, it ensures that your skin will be left feeling clean and refreshed after each use!

This amazing cleanser is formulated without any harsh chemicals, making it gentle and safe enough to be used daily. It is also free of all artificial dyes, fragrances, and preservatives – all while being cruelty-free and gluten-free. Clinically-tested, you can have peace of mind that this cream will deeply cleanse your face while restoring skin’s natural and healthy balance. Use it in the morning or night as part of our Refresh & Renew Night Cream regimen for radiantly supple and glowing skin!

Tone. Balance your skin and prep it for moisture with our nourishing toning mis

Our Mandarin Coconut Juice Toning Mist contains 100% plant-based ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This special formula helps to naturally balance skin pH levels and prepare for optimal moisturisation. Clear away dirt, debris, and impurities with this natural toning mist for visibly healthy and glowing skin!

This nourishing mist is an excellent way to kickstart your skincare routine. Simply spritz a few pumps of the toner on face and neck after cleansing for a refreshing and energising boost. The revitalising moisture can be applied multiple times during the day or as part of your “Refresh & Renew Night” pampering routine prior to applying our night cream for hydrated and brighter looking skin. Our Mandarin Coconut Juice Toning Mist is made 100% from concentrated plant extract with no added fragrances, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin. Add this power-packed toner to your nightly routine today!

Treat & Hydrate. Refresh & Renew Night cream is a lightweight solution to hydrate and help reduce signs of ageing overnight, so you can wake up feeling more youthful and radiant in the morning!

Rich in collagen and elastin, Refresh & Renew Night cream works to offer superior moisturisation with a blend of natural oils and botanical extracts. Designed to be nourishing yet lightweight, it allows your skin to breathe while deeply conditioning it throughout the night. Wake up with softer, more hydrated skin that looks brighter and feels refreshed!

With regular use, Refresh & Renew Night cream helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to reduce inflammation due to its antioxidant properties, along with restoring the skin's suppleness and leaving it feeling softer and smoother. Plus, it contains natural ageing-fighting ingredients like Green Tea Extract and Vitamin E which help to provide additional environmental protection while helping your skin to stay hydrated. Whether you're looking for a night cream that will nourish your skin while you sleep or just need a lightweight refresher that will help restore youthfulness, Refresh & Renew Night Cream offers a perfect solution!

Here's how to get the most out of it

For best results, use Refresh & Renew Night cream as part of your evening skincare routine. Start by cleansing your skin thoroughly - this will remove any dirt or make-up residue that may be on your face. Then, massage the cream into your skin using gentle circular motions for maximum absorption. Leave overnight to allow all the nourishing ingredients to work their magic and wake up with baby soft skin!
Refresh & Renew Night cream contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid and plant oils to deeply nourish the skin while you sleep. Hyaluronic acid helps keep your skin hydrated, while plant oils including rosehip, almond and jojoba oil restore suppleness and elasticity overnight. In addition, Refresh & Renew Night Cream contains botanical extracts such as aloe vera which helps to soothe inflammation and reduce redness. With regular use, this night cream will help you achieve softer, smoother and more radiant looking skin that has a youthful glow!

The Product


Refresh & Renew Night Cream   £45 – 30ml
Refresh & Renew Gel Cleanser Plus    £29 – 150 ml
Refresh & Renew Micellar Water.     £29. – 100 ml
Refresh & Renew Eye Revitaliser.    £45 – 15 ml
Refresh & Renew Serum            £25  – 30 ml