Relax and Unwind – Lily Michael beauty treatments to Enjoy


Are you dreaming of your next escape? If you are looking for a little inspiration then look no further than our  ultimate top relaxing treatments at Lily Michael. From the decadent to the expansive, we have the perfect spa experience to cater to your every whim. It’s the perfect place to unwind in contemporary style

 The perfect escape to get away from it all and truly let go is the ultimate spa experience. Enjoy the tranquility while pampering yourself in soothing treatments infused with natural botanicals, then complete your journey with an indulgent massage. Relax, refresh, and rejuvenate in the luxury of your own spa retreat.



Consider Your Budget & Facilities.

When choosing the ideal spa retreat, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost budget. As spas come in all shapes and sizes, you want to make sure you choose a spa that specifically meets your individual needs and budget. Second you also want to make sure it offers the facilities that appeal to your particular interests in relaxation or well-being. Look for amenities such as massage services or steam rooms depending on what best serves your goals for the day.


Choose Natural Materials When Possible.

When it comes to finding a spa with a bath, try to seek out naturally sourced materials for their construction. Natural stones and other porous rock are more likely to absorb toxins, whereas non-porous materials, such as metal or plastic, can retain the toxins, leading to health problems over time. As well as offering a more aesthetically pleasing look and feel, natural materials such as marble can be easier on your skin and help create a feeling of calmness while you unwind in your spa retreat.


Check Facilities and Prices.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of treatment spas, it’s time to check the facilities and prices. Look at what each spa offers in terms of services and accommodation that fit your needs and budget. Make sure they have all the amenities you require before booking. It is important to also check policy changes or extra charges as well as discounts that some may offer on certain dates or packages. Doing your research beforehand ensures you get the most out of your relaxing experience.


Explore Lily Michael Retreat Facilities.

The facilities include a wide selection of spa treatments for guests to enjoy and relax. Choose from options like a Swedish massage, marine body wrap, and hot stone therapy. Unwind after a long stressful day while sipping on your favourite drink and listening to peaceful music. Soothe your body and mind with the tranquility, perfect for calming those tense muscles and easing stress away. Additionally, guests can enjoy blissful serenity or lay back to detoxify their bodies as they prepare to rediscover themselves indoors at this one of a kind spa experience.

Take a luxurious getaway to take away all of life’s little stresses; with four treatment rooms and professional therapists. Want to unwind after a day in the sunshine? We recommend the Hydra-intense Wrap Experience (55min/105£) - ”A wonderfully gentle treatment suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

Choose from antioxidant or relaxing oil blended with delicate sea salt and enriched with marine minerals to exfoliate and nourish- Envelope yourself in deep moisture mask encasing your body and replenishing nutrients as it instantly heals and hydrates. For more information and to book your next escape, click the link below.

Plus, for those seeking even more indulgence, choose from a selection of premium treatments such as an aqua therapy aromatic facial scrub or an oxygen detoxifying seaweed wrap. Book in advance and escape reality while at the Lily Michael Treatment rooms.

The spa has a truly decadent feel with every detail considered. For a treatment that will leave you feeling rebalanced and refreshed the Detox package is a wonderful way to relax. Starting with a warm detoxifying massage, which is then followed by a sea salt scrub and detoxifying spirulina wrap designed to rid excess water retention. This experience ends with a purifying marine facial to deep clean and revitalise, leaving a natural glow. 

For a regal experience try out Lily Michael, based in Bromley, a town with a rich history dating back to the 1400s. The service is impeccable with every detail considered and every guest left feeling looked after. A white blue and gold mosaic colour theme flows through the rooms. You can try the Cryo Time Freeze Facial (60-90mins). A skin brightening experience, this facial uses the age-defying effects of cryotherapy with the Lily Michael Super Active Serum. 

Pick the Perfect Location for Unwind.

Choosing the perfect location for unwinding and relaxation is key to the ultimate spa experience. Consider important features such as the type of services offered, privacy, distance from your home or workplace, availability of amenities, any necessary packages like spa treatments or yoga classes, and of course proximity to a beautiful bath. With such a wide selection of amazing spas available with baths you're guaranteed to find one that suits your individual needs.