Treat Yourself with Blue Bath Bombs From Our Store

Treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience at home with our blue bath bombs. Soothe your skin and enhance your relaxation with the fragrant, vibrant essential oils found in each bath bomb. With our selection of high-end blue bath bombs, you can enjoy an exquisite soak every time.

Choose from a Variety of Scented Blue Bath Bombs
Our selection of blue bath bombs includes options with a variety of fragrances. Discover your favourite scent and find delightful relaxation with aromatherapy and luxurious bathing. Choose from sweet scents such as vanilla and cherry blossom, or opt for a calming lavender scent. Let our selection of blue bath bombs bring you an unforgettable spa experience!

All of our blue bath bombs are made with premium ingredients such as coconut oil, Shea butter, and Epsom salt that soothe the body and soften the skin. Our blue bath bombs offer a refreshing aroma to delight each of your senses and promote a feeling of well-being. All of our natural, handcrafted products are gentle on skin and easy to use. Just add one or two bomb’s to your warm bath for a luxurious fragrance experience! Enjoy the lovely color provided by all-natural Blue Spirulina Powder which creates beautiful hues in an aromatherapy hot tub to enjoy time after time

Enjoy Relaxing and Refreshing Skin Benefits
Our selection of blue bath bombs are crafted with natural and essential oils that provide a range of therapeutic skin benefits. The relaxing aroma of these bombs can help you to reduce stress and increase calmness, while the combination of ingredients can soothe your body and mind. Enjoy the skin softening effects of indulging in a luxurious bath with one of our blue bath bombs.

With blue representing clarity and peace, these bath bombs are a refreshing way to pamper your skin. We select the finest ingredients for a delightful bath experience. Our signature scent blends provide a therapeutic touch that leave your skin feeling silky smooth, helping to hydrate and revitalise your body after a long day. With lush essential oils such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, and Neroli – you can enjoy the delicate aromas that fill the tub while treating your body to nourishing oils.

Immerse Yourself in the Rich Colors of Our Bath Bombs
Blue is an emotional color that evokes feelings of stability and serenity, so it makes perfect sense to treat yourself to a deep soothing bath with one of our unique blue bath bombs. Our luxurious selection offers a wide variety of colors and aromas for you to choose from. Enjoy the beautiful colors as they melt away in your tub and transform into a silky smooth bath that both gives you skin nourishment and treats your senses.

Save with Discounts When You Buy Multiple Units
For those who want to save money and enjoy the variety of fragrances, buying multiple units is the best way to go. When you purchase in larger multi-packs, you will enjoy significant discounts and free shipping! Our blue bath bombs come in boxes ranging from two to 24 units depending on your needs, making it possible for you to treat yourself with a regular soothing soak or bring relaxation to others with a larger purchase.

Shipping Offers for Fast and Affordable Delivery Options
Our blue bath bombs ship quickly and cost-effectively. To ensure that you receive your order in the time frame promised, we provide standard and expedited shipping rates. For orders within the US, customers even have the option of two-day delivery for a nominal fee. Our discounted bulk orders also come with free ground shipping, allowing you to enjoy even more savings.