Abaca leaf for skincare

One of the world’s strongest natural fibers, Abaca Leaf has a myriad of uses. The plant, native to the Phillipines smoothed into whisper-thin sheets, Abaca Leaf gently lifts away excess oil from the skin because of its high absorbency capabilities.


A relative of the banana tree, Abaca (musa textilis) is strong enough to be used in ropes and twine for large ships and water-resistant. The pulp of the Abaca Leaf is also used for many textiles, including papermaking and woven fabric.


Over a thousand years ago, artisans in used Abaca Leaf to protect gold and other precious metals as they hammered them into delicate, thin sheets for leafing. They realised that the Abaca Leaf left their hands feeling and looking fresh and clean. 


To achieve the highest efficacy and most luxurious feel, Kaneya's beauty papers are made from only the innermost part of the Abaca Leaf, where the fibers are velvety-soft. 

Benefits of Abaca Leaf for Skin

Abaca Leaf Extract for Skin

Nourishment. Abaca leaves are rich in minerals and antioxidants that help nourish skin cells, providing essential hydration and balance to the delicate epidermal layer of the skin. The natural extracts from abaca leaves have been used in traditional medicinal applications for centuries, due to their healing effects on tissue repair and wound healing.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

Abaca leaf extract is also known to boast many anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial benefits due its natural components like vitamin C and polysaccharides. When applied topically, it can reduce redness, puffiness and blemishes while calming down sensitive or inflamed skin.

3. Wrinkle Reduction and Aging Prevention.

The naturally occurring compounds found in the abaca leaf can improve age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin and acne appearance - giving your skin a nice youthful look thanks to its antioxidant rich texture.

4. Sun Protection Benefits of Abaca Leaves.

Natural oils from abaca leaves provide natural protection against UV radiation as well as other environmental irritants like dust and wind - making it a perfect floral addition for all types of sunscreen lotions or creams for an extra boost in sun protection effects!

5. Stress Relief Dry Oil Treatment with the Use of Abaca Leaf Infusion

Nourishing Ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties like coconut oil can be mixed with an extraction from the abaca leaves to create a calming treatment for relief from everyday stressors associated with living in this day and age - such treatments can hydrate the skin while reducing any sensations of tension/pain that might be present when your body needs some relief!

6 Skin Cleansing & Regeneration

Abaca Leaf infused oils/balms are great cleansing products that promote cell renewal while gently exfoliating dead cells off the surface layer of your epidermis; leaving behind soft glowing skin that’s refreshed & healthier looking than before!

7 Improved Circulation & Detoxification

One remarkable benefit you get when using abaka leaf based skincare items on a daily basis is improved circulation within your facial tissues; helping detoxify & clear away impurities at a more accelerated rate - making your face look more vibrant & energized with each application!

Did You Know

Abaca fibre is valued for its exceptional strength, flexibility, buoyancy, and resistance to damage in.salt water. These qualities make the fibre exceptionally suitable for marine cordage. Abaca is chiefly employed for ships’ ropes, hawsers, and cables and for fishing lines, hoisting and power-transmission ropes, well-drilling cables, and fishing nets. Some abaca is used in carpets, table mats, and paper. The plant’s inner fibres can be used without spinning to manufacture lightweight, strong fabrics, mainly used locally for garments, hats, and shoes.

Some currency is printed on notes that contain Abaca Leaf.