Silk for Skincare

Silk has been synonymous with luxury and beauty for thousands of years. The fabric is renowned for its sensual feel, and its liquid extracts help protect skin’s natural moisture.


Silk extracts are easily absorbed into the skin, allowing antioxidants and amino acids to help condition the skin for improved elasticity and resilience.


Lily Michael’s beauty bible recommends wrapping the body in silk to enjoy its skin-smoothing benefits. The exquisite fabric enrobed queens from Cleopatra to Himiko of 3rd century Japan.


Kaneya silk extract comes from companies that has specialized in silk extraction and produces high quality ingredients for hundred of years


Benefits of silk for skincare

Silk is incredibly hydrating and can be absorbed into the skin easily, providing an extra layer of protective moisturising. Unlike cotton sheets, silk helps regulate moisture levels in your skin, keeping it hydrated and balanced.

2. Anti-Aging Benefits
Silk also has anti-aging properties. It contains 18 beneficial amino acids that act as a form of natural hydration when applied to the face, helping keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

3. Lightweight Material
Since silk is very lightweight, it will not pull on your skin or cause discomfort the way heavier fabrics might. This makes silk perfect for sleeping in or for use on delicate areas such as the eye area or neck area where other silks might irritate skin.

4. Temperature Regulating Properties
Silk has such a smooth texture that it can help regulate body temperature during hot and cold months alike. The fabric helps keep your skin from becoming too hot or too cold, meaning you can get more restful sleep no matter what time of year it is.

5. Natural Antibacterial Properties
Silk inherently contains antimicrobial properties which make it resistant to bacteria growth and odors caused by sweat and dead skin cells gathering on the material throughout the night. Hence using silk pillowcases can really help protect your delicate facial skin while you're catching z's!

6. Protective Barrier
The ultra-smooth quality of silk offers another unique benefit—a protective buffer between your bed sheets and delicate face & neck areas, reducing friction as you move around at night which results in less wrinkles & sleep lines left behind once morning comes around!
7 Sun Protection

Finally, if you like to take naps outdoors during the summer months then it's important to consider the fact that certain cases made from 100% pure Mulberry Silk offer UPF50+ sun protection—protecting from harmful UV rays while still feeling comfortably light & breathable!

Did You Know

An old saying in Japan says, “If you look closely at a maiko’s skin, it is made of pure silk.”